Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Yes, Thursday night His Voice Mens Chorus practices continue at Valley Adventist Church, 29885 Bradley, Menifee - come join us tomorrow night!  Sixteen gathered together last week and the sound was great!  God continues to bless us abundantly!  Continue to keep our need for a new pianist in your prayers!

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Saturday, November 14, 2015


The Thanksgiving season started early for His Voice as they had two weekends of singing praises to area churches in the month of November, the 14th and 21st. 
The first concert day was Saturday, November 14, 2015, His Voice lead by Jay Robinson directing the men's chorus in Michael Naluai's absence.  His Voice traveled to Riverside to share sweet Gospel melodies with Pastor Paul and Esper Lungrin's congregation at the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church on Magnolia Avenue for their morning worship service. 
In the afternoon, His Voice sang at the final meeting of a prohecy seminar at the Loma Linda Chinese Seventh-day Adventist and at a Sabbath Vesper's at the Valley Adventist Church in Menifee on Bradley. 
Below are a few photos from the concert day. . . 

A beautiful silhouette of the Arlington Adventist Church
The early-bird ladies of the church welcomed His Voice in the gym.
Practicing with Jay - sans piano

New His Voice member, Duane Hedrick, is welcomed by singers Harold Van Dyke & Bob Ferguson
Jay Robinson leads the men of His Voice during the morning worship service
Pastor Paul and his wife Esper
Pastor Paul warmly greeting his congregation
His Voice storyteller Bob Ferguson is happy to hear responses from his young audience

A little one prays after the children story
His Voice singer Tim Parker happy to have His Voice sing at his church
Singing boldly: tenors Rudy Gumangan, Duane Hedrick, Bob Fergsuon, Tim Parker, and Ron Tkalec

Family and friends stand up for a young man being baptized by Pastor Paul
 Fifteen year old Craig Hernandez with Pastor Paul following his baptism
Pastor Paul listens intently from the baptistry as His Voice sings the church's traditional closing hymn

Everyone enjoyed the abundant feast following the worship service in the church gym


A view of the Loma Linda Adventist Chinese Church from Mountain View Avenue
Listening to His Voice during the Prophecy Crusade

Jay Robinson directing His Voice at the Chinese Church

The cheering section - His Voice wives and friends

His Voice Pianist Jerry Albritton sharing his inspirational medley at the piano

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


In the words 
of His Voice Director Michael Naluai,  

"I am amazed at 
how God brought everything together 
for His honor 
and glory for 
our 10th Anniversary Celebration 
Friday night, His Voice sang "All Through The Night" for Donald Gwinn's Memorial
Donald & Julie Gwinn
Treasures: A Scottish Kilt, a Pathfinder sash, an Air Force hat, & a folded napkin...
Young Maili Putrasahan, Violinist

"The range of emotions went from tears of sadness as we bade our friend Don Gwinn farewell until we meet again to feelings of joy as we worshiped Sabbath morning, and finally to tears of gratefulness and thanksgiving to God for bringing His Voice together as men to sing His love and hear His voice culminating with a statement of who we are and why we exist,  

 "Loving God, loving each other.  
Making music with my friends."  

 (Above is an excerpt from Director Michael Naluai's October 6, 2015, thank you letter to His Voice and Friends which is posted in full at the end of this article.  Photos from the 10th Anniversary Celebration on October 3, 2015, follow.)  

His Voice Praise Team, Tim Parker, Director Michael Naluai, and Michael Hunt, with His Voice President Sherman Jefferson points out the awesome power and love of the God of the Universe.
His Voice Tenor Bob Ferguson artfully weaved a story of God's faithfulness as His Voice sang "All Through the Night."
Tenor Jay Robinson sings a solo during "All Through the Night"
A young boy is eager to answer one of Tenor Bob Ferguson's questions during the children's story
In the morning worship service, His Voice Tenor Mario Rocha sings a duet with Mike Naluai during "Satisfied"
His Voice sang to the Azure Hills Church Congregation on Barton Road in Grand Terrace during  morning worship services.
Audio Engineer Starrett monitors sound level production throughout the sanctuary
Program Director Nancy Krkljus gives last minute directions to the singers
Alva Waworoendeng (sitting at the organ in the background) and her team of musicians make the orchestrated songs come to life.  His Voice Pianist Jerry Albritton at the piano and Audio Engineer Buz Starrett listening on.

Photographer David Krkljus captures memorable moments during the celebration.  David's photos and creative work have been featured on all four His Voice CD's plus the upcoming Anniversary Celebration DVD album to come.

Several singers joined the Anniversary Concert: Rade Georgiev, Oscar Inostroza, Nick Gutierrez, and Michael Hunt
 Baritone Michael Hunt shares the Good News in "Written in Red"
His Voice Director Michael Naluai sings "Champion of Love."

 A quartet of Bob Opp, Zeke Vieira, Jay Robinson, & Ron Tkalec sings "Boundless Love" together
Bass Bob Opp and Baritone Zeke Vieira perfect their duet.
His Voice Director Michael Naluai leads the congregation in "Soon and Very Soon"
The faithful wives of His Voice gather up front to enjoy the concert.
Earlier before the concert, Photographer David Krkljus took a family photo
of the all the men of His Voice with their wives.
A solitary stool stood in memory of singers who had passed away in the past 10 years.
"Loving God, Loving Each Other, Making Music with My Friends . . . and the Story Never Ends." 
2006 His Voice Photo at La Sierra University

His Voice Lapel Pin

A word from the Director of His Voice...

October 6, 2015

Dear Men and Friends of His Voice,

Now that I have had a day of rest from the events of this past weekend, I am amazed at how God brought everything together for His honor and glory.  The range of emotions went from tears of sadness as we bade our friend Don Gwinn farewell until we meet again, to feelings of joy as we worshiped Sabbath morning, and finally to tears of gratefulness and thanksgiving to God for bringing His Voice together as men to sing His love and hear His voice culminating with a statement of who we are and why we exist,

"Loving God, loving each other. 
Making music with my friends." 

Often, one forgets to recognize people who were instrumental in making this 10th Anniversary Reunion on October 3rd at Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church a success.  This happens in the stresses and strains of putting together an event such as this.  So I'm going to attempt to remember everyone who had a part:

I would like to thank the members of His Voice Board who guided the planning process right until the end.  Then to the members of the 10th Anniversary Committee, Sherman Jefferson, Bob Ferguson, Ron Harrison, and Debbie Naluai who put their heads together to plan this momentous occasion.  To members of our marketing team, Don & Nancy Troyer and Gary Kerstetter who did a phenomenal job with posters, flyers, and news clips to announce the celebration.

Then there were individuals and families that really helped to make the final product a success.  Ron Harrison and Bob Ferguson who were in charge of getting the video personnel who taped the celebration.  It was their persistence in the midst of adversity when LLBN gave us a bid that was way out of our budget to make this happen.  Can you imagine what it took to have a six camera shoot of our celebration and to plan and execute all of this from long distance within a month of the occasion?  Only God working through these men could have made this happen.  Then there's Buzz Starrett whose audio expertise bridged the gap with the Azure Hills audio team to make it work for the final audio/visual product.

There's nothing like getting the whole family involved in a His Voice project.  Bob, Ethel, Erwin and Kevin Ferguson contributed by taking some of the pictures used in the power point presentation, creating the power point presentation and operating  the boom camera.  Rad, Natalie, David and Nancy Krkljus contributed by setting up our CD booths, providing us with stage direction, photography, bulletin layout and printing.  Of course we can't forget Alva Waworoendeng and her team of musicians that made the orchestrated songs come to life.

There are no words to describe Jerry Albritton's contribution to His Voice.  I can't imagine the frustration he must go through as he battles through the debilitating nature of Parkinson's disease to play the piano.  I am grateful for my wife Debbie Naluai and her team who for 46 years has organized the receptions after every program that I have ever done that completes the occasion by providing community. 

Finally, I am grateful to all of the men of His Voice past and present who for years have committed their time and energy to this wonderful ministry.  My apologies if I failed to recognize anyone who made a contribution to this celebration.  The older you get the more senior moments you have.

Thank you so much for the expression of your love demonstrated in the beautiful flowers.  I have been blessed to be your director.  May God continue to bless this ministry in the coming years.

In God's Service, Mike

Michael Naluai,
His Voice Director
Thank you, Mike & Debbie!

Nancy Troyer, His Voice Communications

Thursday, September 24, 2015


The seniors of His Light on a Hill Church welcomed the men of His Voice back for their September "Thursday Night Together" program, September 14. 

The men's chorus sang Gospel songs to the church's 50+ adult club on Bradley in Menifee, California.  As shown in the photos that follow, everyone was blessed!

Listening to His Voice from the Church Foyer
His Voice was happy to return to His Light Church

Tenors United

The enthusiastic seniors loved singing along with His Voice

Tenors Jay Robinson and Ron Taklec in duet

Baritone Don Troyer shares the mission of His Voice

Hands up, hearts full, it was a great evening together

Director Mike, arms stretched wide, feeling the music

His Light Adult Ministries Director shares a moment of laughter
After the Thursday evening concert, folks gather at the CD Table: 

Photos and Story by
Nancy Troyer, His Voice Communications